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Darwin to Adelaide commemorative flight: Continually updating plans.

This idea will work because many groups of people are taking responsibility for individual parts of the event. More details here.
Thanks to all for your cooperation.  Please keep us informed about your plans!

Introduction to the project, February 2018
Speaking of the London to Darwin flight, Brian Riddle, chief librarian at Britain’s National Aerospace Library, stated "This achievement ranks with the greatest epics of the air and was in its time as remarkable a journey as that of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing just 50 years later.” Yet it is not widely appreciated.
Despite the support of the Northern Territory Government and the work of a team of expert event organisers for nearly a year, it was not possible to organise a commemorative flight from Britain to Australia.
But the remainder of the journey was scarcely less inspiring. The Smiths' aircraft had been battered and was overdue for major service, and almost superhuman efforts were required to keep it going. And when they reached Sydney and Melbourne, the adoring public delayed them for weeks. The result was that the journey took 102 days. 
There had been two preliminary overland exploratory journeys and another amazing survey flight. Two airmen, Henry Wrigley and Arthur Murphy, had flown a BE2 aircraft from Point Cook to Darwin, in a BE2 aircraft of pre-war design. This flight has been similarly ignored.
AHSA NSW believes that efforts should be made to recall these wonderful events.  but in the modern world history and heritage sometimes have a low priority.
Yet Australia is one of the most air-minded nations in the world, and the proposed flight will pass through areas which depend on aircraft for their routine operations. Australia has vibrant communities devoted to ultrlalight, sports aircraft and general light aviation, and above all an amazing collection of heritage aircraft.
The aim of this website is to encourage commemoration of the Smith flight, and to examine the possibility of the aviation community joining together to co-operatively to conduct a commemorative flight from Darwin to Adelaide.....
    Draft roles and responsibilities for participants and organisers

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Our mission:

To publicise Australian aviation history with a view to

·         Emphasising the safety of modern light aircraft. All aircraft will abide by CASA regulations. The arrangements will be flexible so as to ensure safety through avoiding bad weather etc

·         Highlighting the remarkable advances being made in light aircraft, notably in Australia

·         Bringing to the attention of the Australian and world public the contribution, past and present,  of aircraft to  the nation’s development

·         Encouraging the discovery, collation, recording and preservation of relevant historical materials

·         Providing the airfields and settlements visited with an opportunity to engage the local community in these events