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Latest publication: Launch booklet for March event: individual pages or booklet (for booklet print both sides, landscape a4, flip on short shide)

Aslo booklet re 1969 air race Single pages or booklet (for booklet print both sides, landscape a4, flip on short side

So far the following have been produced by us, relating to the Darwin to Adelaide flight:. They can be reprinted or read from online copies or buy a printed copy from our shop. The downloaded booklets do not have the cover page.

102 days: Vickers Vimy flight Darwin to Adelaide 1919-20. Booklet, a6, 40 pages, so far the best summary of the original flight and subsequent commeoorations

Wrigley and Murphy, the first transcontiental flight, Booklet, a4, 40 pages: the story of the reconnaisance flight Point Cook to Darwin, containing copies of Wrigley's hand written notes

The Sir Ross Smith Flight, Booklet 12 pages, facsimile of a booklet printed by Greater Uniion Pictures, 1919, quarto size, 12 pages. Not available for download yet.


After the Guillaux memorial flight of 1914, a report on the Melbourne to Sydney mail flight was produced. It gives a good idea of what might be expected from the proposed commemorative flight.

100 years of Australian air mails, the 1914 centenary re-enactment, Booklet, a5, 40 pages.

A pilot handbook was prepared for the 1914 flight and a .pdf file of the handbook can be seen here.


Wakefield Press in Adelaide has published two books: a reprint (with additions) of Ross Smith's book 14,000 Miles Though the Air under the title Flight to Flame and Lainie Anderson's historical novel  Long Flight Home. Lainie Anderson's Churchill Fellowship report on her study of the Smith flight can be downloaded free from here.

14,000 miles through the Air is online in its original form at https://archive.org/details/milesthroughair00smitgoog/page/n23

Michael Molkentin has released his biography of Ross Smith, Anzac and Aviator. details at https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/general-books/biography-autobiography/Anzac-and-Aviator-Michael-Molkentin-9781742379197 . It has very good reviews, and fills a great need for contemporary consideration of his life and times.

There is an excellent radio podcast on the Smith flight, downloadable from https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/the-history-listen/the-great-air-race/11543712 and featuing Australian astronaut Andy Thomas and South Australian author Lainie Anderson.