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Day 6: 18 December: Anthony Lagoon to Brunette Downs: (80 km)

(In his book, Ross devotes a scant three pages to the rest of his Australian journey. The book shows signs of hasty publication: there are errors of fact, typographic errors, and many blank pages at the end which indicate a lack of attention to detail in layout. But it remains an excellent primary source, particularly regarding the journey to Darwin. The ensuing narrative is based mainly on contemporary newspaper accounts. It is hoped that better information will emerge over the next few years!)

Again, there are not many details about this flight. Take off was at 10 05 am, and the flight took an hour. Brunette Downs (18.633 S, 135.950 E) was a more elaborate establishment, with ‘a good workshop’. The only contemporary picture that can be found is a poor-quality newspaper illustration; this picture taken in 1929 (fron the NT library collection) is not much better. As a strong headwind was blowing, they decided to stay overnight, and were well looked after; the station manager was Mr Russell.