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Day 7: 19 December: Brunette Downs to Avon Downs: (290 km)

As the airmen were preparing for takeoff a car arrived from Camooweal, loaded with petrol, driven by two brothers named Synott.

The aircraft took off at 11 05 am and the 180 km journey to Avon Downs (20.030° S, 137.487° E) took 2 hours 45 minutes. They passed over Alexandria Station and the nearby Rankines store. They were hospitably received by Mr and Mrs Lloyd and stayed overnight.

An excited Mrs Lloyd wrote details to her mother. They had put out a wind-indicating T signal on the ground, as instructed by McGinness. She described the excitement of the arrival; they tried to telegraph the news, but it was a half-day holiday and they could not get through for some time.

The airmen gave Mrs Lloyd a spark plug, and (daughter?) Moira a feather from the kite hawk which was responsible for damage to the propeller at Calcutta. They agreed to drop a bolt and message over Camooweal, which was later raffled for the benefit of the hospital.

Full text of Mrs Lloyd's letter: smithflight/places and history/Avon Downs Mrs Lloyd letter.pdf