Starters in the Darwin to Adelaide commemorative flight

So far we have had interest in participating from several people - Michael Coates in his Pipistrel among others

If you are interested in particpating in the Darwin to Adelaide event or any part of it, please fill in this form. Even if you are not certain of your plans, pleas list them: the more people that are interested, the bettter we will attract interest and assistance. Ideally, we need to have one  or two escort aircraft, preferebly capable of IFR, carrying tv and other media as well as other facilitaors.


We are gradually contacting points en route and discussing the project and the responses are generally enthusiastic. It is a huge project: distance is around 3250 MN. We are looking at maybe a ten-day journey to Adelaide, beginning 10 March, with at least 22 landings en route. We hope the longest daily stage will be Tindal to Mt Isa, 627 NM with four en route stops. We are working on a cruise speed of 120MN, But this is at a very early stage yet, and if you want to fly a slow aircraft, be in touch: we have an idea how you can participate in the whole event. And, of course, all aircraft are welcome to take part in a section or two of the flight or even just to visit an airfield at which the commemorative flight will stop.

Pipistrel aircraft dealer Michael CoatesMichael and a Pipistrel