Run sheet Smith Centenary Celebration flight March 8-22, 2020:

as at 5 March  2020 including all known aircraft involvement: New material is underlined. if you have material to add, or corrections to make, send details to, use the contact form, or phone 0403 615134

Our main need at the moment is to know of aircraft joining the event, even if only for a section or two. We particularly need to know of people participating in the last weekend, 21-22 March in Adelaide.

There have been some unexpected withdrawals from the whole Darwin to Adelaide journey, but the two ‘headline’ aircraft, the Sea Bear and the Pipistrel, will keep together and are still visiting each listed place, and other people are indicating interest in later stages. Please register your interest as soon as possible.

Accommodation Bookings have been made for the main aircraft. A list these places is online and participats can now make their own arrangements, using this information as required.

Day 0: Saturday 7 March:

Aircraft gather at Darwin airport or Emkaytee; welcome and barbecue at Darwin Aviation Museum, by invitation from the museum

Suggested accommodation: City Central Hotel. Use booking code AVIATOR on their website or use booking sheet for special rate.

Day 1, Sunday 8 March:

0900-1100 gathering at Darwin Aviaton Museum. Official farewell: event manager Darwin Aviation Museum, assisted by NT Tourism. Brief formal proceedings at 10 am, departure of aircraft after that.

Details of this:

NT tourism is supplying decals for participating aircraft, publicity and certificates of participation for flight participants as well as some support for the Darwin Aviaton Museum.

Janetta Douglas, wife of owner of winning aircraft in the 1969 race and family members will attend. Formal details being arranged.

Aircraft departing from Darwin: Sea Bear, Pipistrel (headline aircraft),

Optional start from Emkaytee, about 40 k from central Darwin.

Aircraft departing from Emkaytee: none yet.

Darwin / Emkaytee to Daly Waters (distance 283 NM); en route optional stop at Katherine. Departure from Darwin Air Museum.

Overnight suggestion Daly Waters Inn

Day 2, Monday 9 March:

Full route 555 NM. Daly Waters to Cloncurry stopping en route at Anthony Lagoon, Brunette Downs and Avon Downs. AACo stations ready to assist, awaiting details.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel (headline aircraft), John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT

Take off from Daly Waters 0800, arrive Anthony Lagoon about 1000, about 1130 at Brunette Downs, about 1400 at Avon Downs and then on to Cloncurry about 1630.

Overnight Cloncurry, Suggested accommodation Gidgee Motel Cloncurry evening meal open to locals to be confirmed Cloncurry main contact Gail Wipaki

Day 3, Tuesday 10 March:

276 NM: Cloncurry to Longreach

Take off time tba depending on weather etc. This short stage will allow for extra activities at Cloncurry or Longreach.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft),  Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918). Louise, from Ballarat, is flying the whole distance to Alidinga.

Longreach: visit to QANTAS Founders Museum – dinner at Longreach RSL, Longreach people invited to join aviators.

Nominated accommodation Albert Park Motor Inn.

Details tba.

Day 4, Wednesday 11March:

 235 NM: Longreach to Charleville:

Group take off time tbd.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918), David and Jill Maddern (Jabiru EDJ), David Geers (Searey XWW) Janice Anderson Cessna 173 PPX

Charleville activities Visit to History Museum house Dinner with historical society members and other interested people at the historic Corones Hotel (recommended accommodation place) Contacts Gabrielle Wheeler - 0421 237 500

Day 5, Thursday 12 March:

368 NM: Charleville to Caboolture,

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918), David and Jill Maddern (Jabiru EDJ), David Geers (Searey XWW) Janice Anderson Cessna 173 PPX

probable activities in Charleville in the morning and later arrival at Caboolture where we stay the full day.

AATC cadets from 226 Squadron Bray Park may informally visit. Tba. Tom can look after them if they do

Caboolture activities

Accommodation Caboolture Sundowner Mote, close to airfield, no breakfast at motel but nearby cafes / bakeries

Activities in Caboolture being organised by David Geers of Caboolture aero Club and Andrew Carter of TAVAS. From David Geers: volunteers will be on hand to greet and serve drinks at the clubhouse on arrival, and help with transport to accommodation. Dinner on Thursday night will be held at the Sundowner motel where we will have several tables reserved.

 Andrew will be running tours through the TAVAS Museum on Friday 13.

Day 6, Friday 13 March:

day at Caboolture.

Tba, tour of the amazing TAVAS aircraft collection led by Andrew Carter

Evening: The Social Committee is holding a Centenary Dinner at the Caboolture Aero Club , start 1800, $45, cocktail, dinner, talk from Michael Smith, tickets at . Theme: Come as you are or optional Gatsby outfit. (Information from David Geers,


Day 7, Saturday 14 March:

637 NM (including optional landing at Bourke)

Caboolture to Bourke.

Early departure.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918)

Extended lunch at Nancy Bird Terminal, Bourke airport, assembling for group take-off to Narromine and enjoying Bourke hospitality. Lunch catered by CWA, Lee Sharpe is the secretary and her number is 0488 722 807

Community program being coodinated by Jodie Sontag, tourism officer Tourism Officer, Back O Bourke Exhibition Centre,Kidman Way ,PO Box 21 Bourke NSW 2840,T: (02) 68721321,Email: ,Website:,

Bourke to Narromine:

Bourke to Narromine distance about 180 nm.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918)

Slower aircraft may need to take alternative routes or depart earlier. There are many viable alternatives.

Beryl Hartley ,02 8329 5759 , 0407 459 587 is arranging Narromine accommodation


Day 8, Sunday 15 March:

Event at Narromine. Details tba. (Peter Keirath and Beryl Hartley). (this day is between two long and complex flight days and full activity plans are not needed!)

Day 9, Monday 16 March:

 Narromine to Shellharbour Group take-off from Narromine, time?. Two options

Via Richmond RAAF: 265 NM for qualified aircraft, Brief official welcome etc. Contact Wing Commander Trent Harris.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft),

Via Luskintyre: 297 NM: for aircraft not qualified to land at Richmond RAAF is a possibility, Louise Humble is making personal arrangements for this stage. No participating aircraft via Luskintyre at this stage.

Both streams may transit via V1 to HARS Shellharbour.

There may be a landing of seaplanes at Rose Bay including the Sea Bear.

Suggested accommodation: Lakeview Motel Shellharbour, about 6 k from airport: nearer motel is full.

Day 10, Tuesday 17 March:

day at HARS, details tba, contact Maureen Massey

Day 11, Wednesday 18 March

Shellharbour to Cootamundra. About 200 nm all up.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918), John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT

Staging at Temora to visit Temora Aviation Museum, lunch here. Possible group take-off and flight to Cootamundra, less than 20 nm away. Contact museum director Murray Kear

Cootamundra: community welcome being coordinated by Jeana Bell of Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council and the Cootamundra Historical Society. Some details to be finalised.

Accommodation Southern Comfort Motel

Day12, Thursday 19 March:

Cootamundra to Benalla

250 NM total. Group take-off.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918)

Some aircraft will land at Henty, on a private airstrip about 3km west of the township, to be welcomed by the local history group who are keen to recognise the Vimy’s forced landing at Henty on 24 February 1920. Coordinator John Ebsworth, Historical Society and Trevor Haines, ALA owner.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft),

Note change from Pilot Handbook timing. Instead of flying Cootamundra to Melbourne district airfields, eg Lilydale and Rothwell / Little River, with a day to spare, aircraft will now fly to Benalla for overnight stay 19/20 March

Benalla, which has another wonderful aviation museum, is keen to welcome the flight group. It is likely that the group will split up for the stay in Melbourne. Some might prefer to stay in Benalla and rejoin the event on Saturday, 21 March. Some aircraft from Benalla will be flying direct to Gawler via Nhill as described below.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT, Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918)

420 Squadron AAFC cadets may visit about 1630. (Shane Nedeljkovic) Tom Lockley to look after them if needed

Accommodation suggestion: Glider City Motel adjoining airfield

Evening meal location tba

Day 13 Friday 20 March:

Benalla to Little River airstrips (aircraft flying Darwin to Adelaide) or Benalla to Lilydale (, option to remain at Benalla.

The idea of headline aircraft to land at Lilydale en route to be reexamined

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), Michael Wilson AT3, VH-LSA, to be confirmed , John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT

The aircraft flying the whole route are invited to land at private airstrips in the Little River area for a celebratory dinner.

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT Michael Wilson AT3, VH-LSA, to be confirmed ,

Afternoon: details to be finalised: visit to Point Cook museum if practicable. This is 30 km from Little River airfields and 90 k from Lilydale.

Little River accommodation: Organised by Michael Smith

Lilydale accommodation: tba at the moment there are no aircraft intending to overnight at Lilydale. More liaison needed here.

Day 14, Saturday 21 March:

(approx. 400 NM) flight to Adelaide (Gawler) staging at Nhill, another historic centre.

Aircraft participating:

Departing from Point Cook: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT As many aircraft as practicable will join members of the Point Cook Flying Club in a group take-off 9 am (?)

Departing from Ballarat: Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918) to join at Nhill

Departing from Benalla: Winjeel. (Mark Carr) flying from Benalla to join at Nhill

Point Cook departure: As many aircraft as practicable will join members of the Point Cook Flying Club in a group take-off (0900?) that recognises the time spent by the Vimy at Point Cook, undergoing repairs, and the eventual flight for Adelaide on 23 March 1920.

Nhill to Gawler:

Aircraft participating: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), Robin Stanley (Cirrus) (with different pilot), Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918), Winjeel. (Mark Carr) John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT

Nhill: From Jennifer Goldsworthy

The NAHC board met last Thursday and are very supportive of your visit to Nhill. The following was discussed and agreed upon.

(the details required by Nhill will be finalised asap. We need to know the aircraft joining in from Melbourne, principally Point Cook Flying Club)

At Gawler:

Martin Walker, President of the Organising Committee of Aeropex 2019 and leading aviation philatelist is organising a display at Gawler airport for the afternoon.

Rob Moore, of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots is helping with activities for this afternoon and evening.

From Lainie Anderson: we can confirm that the SA Aviation Museum will host your crews for dinner on the Saturday night, with the event starting at 5.30pm. We will arrange a hire bus to collect (around 4.45pm) and drop off pilots in Gawler. Obviously we need confirmation of the number of people to finalise our plans with this.

RE Accommodation: Adelaide Soaring Club has 4 beds in an accommodation area and this has been reserved for our use if needed. The present plan is for the bus to drop off people after the SAAM function at a suitable nearby motel tba and aviators will return to Gawler for take-off on Sunday times tba.

Day 15, Sunday 22 March:

Gawler to Aldinga

either over Adelaide or inland route, culminating in a mass gathering of aircraft at Aldinga airfield, where the aircraft will be available for public viewing. Welcome to aircraft about 1300 enabling aircraft to leave for Melbourne if they wish.

From Lainie Anderson:

Below you’ll see a screenshot showing the exact spot of the significant tree at Lightsview (grey marker to the right of the corner of Hampstead and Redward Ave) and the coordinates below. If the aircraft follow Hampstead Rd they’ll be right on track.

FYI I have also attached a news clipping from The Advertiser reporting on the landing on 23 March 2020.

The official speeches at Lightsview are set to take place at 11am on Sunday 22 March, so it would be great if the aircraft could fly over at 11.30am. Please let me know if this is problematic and I will see if we can revise the timing of the speeches slightly.

I have not spoken to Rob about regulations around the flight over Lightsview, as you’d mentioned that if it wasn’t an actual flypast (in formation) but rather aircraft flying about one minute apart and executing a little wing waggle over the tree, you shouldn’t need special approval for those planes allowed to fly in the airspace. I have copied in Rob Moore for further discussions with you on this.





(Details still need sorting)

So far: Flying by city route: Sea Bear and Pipistrel, (headline aircraft), John Daley, Lake Buccaneer VH-TZT Winjeel. (Mark Carr) (?)

Flying from Parafield via city route: Pipistrel ALPHA Electro flown by Barrie Rogers.

Flying by inland route: Louise Humble (Jabiru 230 registration 24 7918) Bruce Tunks Jabiru, Bradley Leksas, Roko Aero Stratus 24-7357. Chantal Didenko and Rod Curtin, Jabiru 24-7693,

Brief formalities about 1230 being planned with SA people with the assistance of Lainie Anderson and support from History Trust of South Australia. This will conclude the celebration of the transcontinental flight as far as AHSA is concerned.

Overnight accommodation if required: can be arranged in local wine area, many choices, - it’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it. Alternatively in Adelaide. Individual arrangements

Day 16, Monday 23 March

is the exact anniversary of the Vimy’s arrival in Adelaide, and it may be that there will be some form of recognition of this by South Australian authorities. Michael Smith is invited to speak at Adelaide library (Smith exhibition).

The Smiths arrived at Adelaide airport at 1355 om 23 March

From Lainie Anderson: On the Monday, we can confirm that we can transport your crews for an exclusive look inside the Vimy hangar and to the State Library of SA for a curated tour of the Heroes of the Skies exhibition.

More details tba