Publicity Kit

Run sheet: continually updated: Is YOUR input there?

Pilot Handbook (large pdf file): to be distributed to all interested pilots

Booklet for general publicty - The final Itinerary Online version    pdf single pages     print your own booklet (print landscape, front and back, flip on short side, 3 a4 pages needed          Word copy for editing extracts (nb view in print mode)

Latest general press relase and summary itinerary  available in pdf and Word

Alert for general media  available in pdf and Word

Information for aviation groups giving public service, eg Flying Doctor, Careflight  also pdf and word

Information for Aero Clubs available in pdf and Word

Information for other special light avaition groups available in pdf and Word

Sumary itinerary single sheet

Booklet on 1969 air race  single pages and print your own boklet, (print landscape, front and back, flip on short side)

Press releases and historical information can be provided  for indivdual stoppijg places or on any other [articular topic please be in touch  

For information on the events leading up to the 10 December 2019 arrival of the Sea Bear in Darwin see this page.

A considerable amount of film and radio material is available:

A great survey of aviation history in Australia is seen in this youtube link: though it deals with disasters, it does illustrate the development of Australian air safety. Our aim is to run a perfectly safe event to highlight the huge advances in light aircraft.