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Draft roles and responsibilities for participants and organisers

The developing Itinerary

Arrangements for delays

Places and their history



Contact lists

Media matters


Blog: your messages

As more and more people get to be involved, there will be a contacts list for the groups involved and for the places at which the flight will land.

Our working group for this project can be reached by ahsanswsmithflight@gmail.com or 0403 615 134 (Tom Lockley)

·         Paul Ewoldt (President, AHSA NSW) paul.ewoldt@hotmail.com

·          Judy Rainsford (involved deeply with the Australian Women Pilots Association  ( https://www.awpa.org.au/  who was flight director, Guillaux commemoration flight)   judyrainsford@hotmail.com

·         John Scott (historian),

·         Cathy Hobson, a pilot with vast experience, notably in the Northern Territory and

·         Anthony Coleiro, light aircraft pilot and airline instructor, producing pilots' manual for the 2020 flight, will be daily flight liaison person.

·         Tom Lockley, the secretary for this group. 0403 615 134

·         Alan Campbell and Mike Mcgree, AHSA Committee members.

Emails are the main method of communication. ahsanswsmithflight@gmail.com

General contacts list (many more to come!)

South Australian History Trust: https://history.sa.gov.au/       https://history.sa.gov.au/events/centenary-of-epic-flight/ contact staff@history .sa.gov.au

Northern Territory Aviation Museum https://www.darwinaviationmuseum.com.au/   info@darwinaviationmuseum.com.au

A list of airfield and 'stopping point' contacts can be downloaded from the 'cloud' here