Publications related to this flight

Usually you can print your own booklet but if you would like paper copies contact or use the contact form  or phone 0403 615 134. After the flight it is planned to set up an online shop for printed copies and to write a full report of this event. In the meantime the following are avaiable online

Pilot Handbook (large pdf file): to be distributed to all interested pilots

Booklet for general publicty - The final Itinerary Online version    pdf single pages     print your own booklet (print landscape, front and back, flip on short side, 3 a4 pages needed          Word copy for editing extracts (nb view in print layout mode)

102 days: Vickers Vimy flight Darwin to Adelaide 1919-20. Booklet, a6, 40 pages, so far the best summary of the original flight and subsequent commeoorations

Wrigley and Murphy, the first transcontiental flight, Booklet, a4, 40 pages: the story of the reconnaisance flight Point Cook to Darwin, containing copies of Wrigley's hand written notes

The Even More Forgotten Air Race: Booklet on 1969 air race  single pages and print your own boklet, (print landscape, front and back, flip on short side)

The Sir Ross Smith Flight, Booklet 12 pages, facsimile of a booklet printed by Greater Uniion Pictures, 1919, quarto size, 12 pages. Not available for download yet.

After the Guillaux memorial flight of 1914, for which AHSA NSW was again the communications hub, a report on the Melbourne to Sydney mail flight was produced. It gives a good idea of what might be expected from the proposed commemorative flight. 100 years of Australian air mails, the 1914 centenary re-enactment, Booklet, a5, 40 pages.