Information for other special light aviation groups

 Between 8 and 22 March 2020 groups of light, historic and ultralight aircraft will make their way from Darwin to Adelaide. This will recognise the centenary of the flight by Ross and Keith Smith, James Bennett and Walter Shiers across Australia in 1919-20, in their Vickers Vimy aircraft.

One of the aims of this event is to highlight the wonderful contribution that the aviation industry is making to Australian life, The event will attract considerable publicity and it would be good for the rest of the country, and indeed the world, to know more about this.

If you would like to participate, you would be welcome. A presence at one of the stopping points might be of benefit, and could be easily arranged. The places at which we will call are:

·         Darwin airport / Darwin Aviation Museum (start, morning of Sunday 8 March)

·         Emkaytee airfield, home of Top End Flying Club, staging point Sunday 8 March*

·         Daly Waters, overnight 8/9 March

·         AACo stations Anthony Lagoon, Brunette Downs, Avon Downs 9 March

·         Cloncurry overnight 9/10 March*

·         Longreach overnight 10/11 March*

·         Charleville overnight 11/12 March*

·         Caboolture overnight 12/13 March, full day 13 March*, overnight 13/14 March

·         Bourke midday 14 March*

·         Narromine overnight 14/15 March, whole day 15 March*, overnight 15/16 March

·         HARS Shellharbour overnight 16/17 March full day 17 March* overnight 17/18 March

·         Temora Australian Aviation Museum en route stop 18 March* Cootamundra* overnight 18/19 March

·          Henty (private airstrip 19 March en route stop)

·         Benalla*19/20 March overnight

·         Lilydale and private airstrips at Little River 20/21 March; Point Cook Museum afternoon of 20 March

·         Nhill* en route stop midday 21 March, Gawler overnight 21/22 March

·         Aldinga* final fly-in 22 March

* indicates places where your participation would attract most attention

As aviators, you will realise that these dates may have to be altered because of bad weather. The website will provide constant information once te event commences. Please contact me if you would like further information.

Disclaimer:  AHSA NSW is only the communications hub for this undertaking. We charge no entry fees. Over the past two years, the committee has had input from a  wide range of interested parties and the resultant plans are the result of this  consultation. Participants of all kinds should make their own judgements of the degree and nature of participation in which they involve themselves. AHSA and its members have no responsibility for any mishap however caused. In essence, participants are invited to fly the route or sections of it, strictly according to CASA rules and in accordance with airfield procedures as per normal flights. Participants are responsible all fees, expenses and accommodation. Participants take part in any sub-events organised at en-route stops entirely at their own risk. Photographs of participants and detailed records of participation (eg aircraft details, owners, participants' names, stages flown etc)  may be made public on the AHSA NSW website,  recorded in the records of the event, and published. Participants should advise if they do not agree to this publicity and organisers will do their best to cooperate with no guarantees in this regard.

One of the lead aircraft for the flight is Michael Smith’s state-of-the-art Sea Bear Amphibian, in which he flew from England to Australia, arriving in Darwin on December 10, 2019, the hundredth anniversary of the arrival of the Smith flight in 1919. He is returning to Darwin complete the journey made by the Smiths. Michael was Australian Geographic Adeventurer of the Year 2016 for his round-the-world flight in his Searey amphibian.

Sea Bear